'67 Chevelle

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Oh to build a Chevelle in a time when digital cameras and photos weren't yet accessible.  Such is the case with my 1967 Chevelle.

Unfortunately, almost all of the film I used to document this build were lost years ago.  The few I have are posted here.

Right now, this project is on hold.  I had to move to Seattle and in that chaos, the Chevelle remains in Kansas City until I can come back and drag it west.  It may take me a few years, but I will be back to this car.  Its the only one I've kept in the 30 years I've been building and racing.  Its part of the family. 

In the mean time.....

I got bored when I got here and needed a little project to keep me held over until the time comes when I can be reunited with the Chevelle.

The latest project can be found here;

1967 El Camino Blog

1967 El Camino Pro Touring YouTube Channel

Enjoy the Elk build!  I cant wait to get back to the Chevelle.....  One day.  Hopefully sooner than later.